Custom Banners- Cost-effective and Sure-shot Way of Advertising

Advertising is a significant part of any business. Effective advertising provides the stride to climb the corporate ladder and takes the business to pinnacle of corporate world. There are variety of means of advertising used by businesses for promotion but here we are talking about such a medium which is not only one of oldest advertising means but also most preferred one yet. Custom banners are that medium of adverting which represents businesses in such an effective manner so that they get immediate and measurable results.

A banner in its broadest sense represents an effective medium of advertising through providing information to a target group (new or potential customer) in an impressive and influential manner. Custom banners carry out a wide range of targets right from promotion of new products, acquiring new customers; persuade existing customers to strengthening of customer relationship. Contribution of advertising through custom banners in every industry is vital as it benefits the industry i.e. automobile, education, health care, banking, media and human resource etc. by providing perfect marketing solutions. A custom banner is a promising entrant in the world of advertising. Market research shows that advertising through banners is the most effective medium to target specific customer segments. Custom banners have the ability to elicit immediate reaction from a potential customer. Therefore it is certainly more effective.

Custom banners have made advertising more interesting as every business can make its own banners. It helps businesses to form their own individuality through their novel and effectual ideas. Custom banners can be made in any size or format, banners of bigger size adds visual support to any advertisement campaign and increase value of your message. Custom banners are in use for advertising since the evolution of advertising. In present days we see those banners everywhere. People have started estimating a company’s position by its banner and that is why companies are trying to say as much in a banner as they can. For establishing your company in market you need communicative and classy custom banner so that it may speak all about you. Usually simple and attractive banners attract people very much so it’s a good idea to keep design simple but stylish.

Custom banners are smart advertiser’s preferred choice today to tap the purchasing power of millions. The cost optimization benefits in advertising through custom banners are aplenty. It is an affordable and sure-shot medium via which knowledge of your product or services gets across to your target clients. You might have spend a lot of money on promoting your product through other mediums while custom banners come extremely cheap in comparison and targets a wide range of clients such as teenagers, white- collared professionals and CEOs. It is extremely beneficial for real estate agents, car and jewelery manufacturers, travel and tour agents, various portals, office automation units, educational units, computer manufacturers and dealers etc. to get their message across in a most cost-effective and sure- shot manner.

Step-By-Step Tips for Guiding a Banner Design Company

When you go to a fast food joint, you tell the person at the counter what you need. You don’t let them decide what you should eat and how much you should eat. Once you order, you get your food accordingly. If you don’t tell them what you need and tell them to give you anything, then you might not be happy with what you get. You may not like the taste or you may be allergic to what they give you. Hence, it is best to guide them and tell them what you want to eat and how much food you need.

Taking into consideration the example quoted above, if you go to a banner design company without a plan, then you will find yourself in a somewhat similar position where you will get something that you won’t like. Hence, it is recommended that when you create a banner design, you guide the company about how they should go about starting the project. This way you will be sure that your money won’t be wasted and you will get what you pay for. This will ensure your satisfaction and you will feel content when you will start promoting your business.

Now, the first thing that you need to do is to share the address of the website or portal with your designer where you intend to place your banner to promote your business. This will allow the designer to see the layout, design and colors of the website and then create a banner that will look professional and stand-out. If you don’t share the address of the portal, then the designer will use his imagination and the banner may not look good on the site. So, ensure that you share the URL with your banner design company.

The next thing that you need to do is to guide the design company about your business. You need to tell them about your industry, company and products that you offer. It is also recommended that you share the banners of your competitors as well to give the company an idea about how your competitors are trying to grab the attention of your audience. Remember, it’s important to share your business info with the design company, because it will assist them in creating the design and selecting the colors accordingly.

Now, once done, you need to talk to them about your target market. It’s highly recommended that you educate the banner design company about your market, so they will know the age group, gender and location of your market. This information will be very helpful.

Remember, your copy must be compelling if you really want your market to click the banner and visit your site. So, write your copy carefully and share it with the banner design company to give them an idea that how long the copy will be. This will allow them to make a plan that how the content will be added in an appealing and professional manner.

So, these are some powerful things that you need to share with the banner design company to ensure that you get the best possible banner for your business.

What Is a “Quick Screen” Adjustable Banner Stand?

I get a lot of people asking where to purchase a “quick screen” banner stand. For educational purposes, I will say that the more common terms for this banner stand are 1) adjustable banner stands, 2) retractable banner stands, 3) roll-up banner stands, and 4) pull-up banner stands. These banner stands may also go by other names, which are typically brand names applied to the same stands everyone else sells in an attempt to differentiate their brand from other seller’s offerings, which is just good marketing.

However, on the flip side of that equation, you’re likely going to pay more, sometimes a lot more, for a brand designation. Quite honestly, most banner stands within categories such as premium, mid-range, or economy, are probably manufactured by a few companies in Asia. Many vendors try to deny that this is the case, but, suffice it to say, they’re probably “shading” the truth just a little.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this style of display stand, the basic concept is an upside down version of the pull down slide projection screens that are still widely used for video presentations, movies in theaters (most larger screens have electric motors to reel the screen up or down now), sales presentations, or to show the speaker larger than life in a larger venue where you may not be able to get a clear view of the speaker due to distance, angle, or being in a different room location than the actual speaker.

If you were to flip the screen upside down and have a way to keep it in the air, you’d have, essentially, the basic principle behind the retractable pull-up banner stands. Of course, size-wise, there are limitations for printed banner graphics, usually around 10 feet, but most banner stands are about three feet in width to seven feet in height, although recently our suppliers have expanded their offerings to stands that are much wider (eight feet) to about eight feet in height as well. Custom sizes can also be made if the order is more than a few as well.

So as to where you can purchase these roll-up or adjustable stands, the answer is that you can buy them quite readily online from dozens of retailers. If you’re wanting to purchase larger quantities wholesale, yours truly can help you with those projects as we have links to manufacturers overseas.

There are also a few choices of materials that you can order with your retractable banners. Our favorite is dye sublimation printed polyester fabric banners. Dye sublimation, in our opinion, is the most attractive option for roll-up banners, hands down. And the cost is not significantly different or higher than cheaper options, although it is a bit more costly.

Another popular and durable option is vinyl banner material, the material that is thought of as a cheaper option by many, although the difference is shrinking every year, as vinyl bottomed out price-wise in the mid-2000’s as a few online retailers tried to grab the major market shares on vinyl banners. They succeeded in driving the profits to next to nothing, but I’m fairly certain they didn’t corner the market.

There are also plasticized paper options available that go by various names, mostly brand names, but these are decent short term or one use banners where a retailer or the like wants a new banner every month and wants to keep costs down if they have multiple stores. Again, though, the cost savings is not tremendous any more with the cheaper looking options, so we’d suggest you request pricing from several vendors on fabric banners that are used in pull-up, X, or L banner stands and compare those prices to the cheaper options.

For more about banner stand displays, check here.

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

He has been marketing these products online since 1998, and the company he was general manager of in 1998 was the first sign company to be listed on Yahoo!

Barry is a great resource for information regarding Signs, Banners, Decals, and Displays, and is also an outstanding source of information on how to shop online without getting ripped off.

A Finishing Guide For Your New Custom Banner Sign

Color printed banners are an excellent way to advertise a lot of things. You can advertise your company, a special gala, make a big announcement, the possibilities for vinyl banners are endless. Color printed banners can be used anywhere. They are an inexpensive way to advertise for both long and short term messages.

So, how do you keep the edges of your printed banners from detracting from the body of the banner?

There are quite a few ways that you can finish your banner. You may decide on the finishing depending on the size of the banner and how it will be used. You need to consider whether it will be displayed indoors or outdoors. Will it be in a high traffic area? Will people be touching it or will it be out of reach to the public? When displaying banners outside, always put safety first. Be sure the supporting structure is sound. Vinyl banners hung out in the open can be subject to significant wind loads. All of these matters should be part of your planning for your custom banner.

The ten ways to finish your color printed banner

No finishing – There may be customers out there who don’t want any kind of finishing on their custom banner. We do have that as an option. While you are free to choose this option, keep in mind that displaying the banner could be difficult.

Hemmed edges with grommets top and bottom as needed. The number of grommets will depend on the size of the banner. This is the most common finishing technique, and is useful for many different applications. This is the preferred finishing for mounting against a fence or wall.

Hemmed edges with grommets top and bottom as needed, with rope sewn into the top and bottom hems. The rope ends extend out from the banner edge making ties. The length of the rope can be specified. This application adds strength and versatility to the basic grommet style, allowing the banner to be tied between poles or other secure fixtures.

Hemmed edges with rope sewn into the top and bottom hems, using no grommets. The rope extends from the color printed banner and can be tied to poles or other supports. The length of rope can be specified. This finishing technique is best for color print banners that will be tied between secure fixtures and you need strong construction. It spreads wind forces over the entire length of the banner sign.

Hemmed sides, webbing top and bottom with grommets spaced as needed (depends on banner size). Adding grommets offers more tie down points, this is especially helpful for supporting larger vinyl banners to eliminate sagging, if the supporting structure allows for it.

Hemmed sides with webbing sewn into top and bottom. This is in place of the rope from the techniques above. There are no grommets in this finishing technique. The webbing extends as needed for ties. This is an even stronger construction for color print banners that may be subjected to higher wind loads.

To support banners on hardware, sleeves can be sewn into the top and bottom. The sleeve can be sized to fit the hardware. The circumference (dia. X 3.14) of the supporting pole divided by 2, plus an inch will calculate a good sleeve size. This is a good choice for a large color print banner that you are worried will sag.

In addition to the pole pocket on your color print banner, grommets can be added to the top and bottom in an extra extension above and below the sleeves for more versatility in display options.

Street, or light pole banners are usually finished with top and bottom sleeves and a grommet just below the top sleeve and just above the bottom sleeve.

For a very strong construction which will be attached using ties you supply, sewn in webbing with “D” rings offers a very reliable solution. To add tie points to large vinyl banners, grommets can be added to the top and bottom, or even sides.

As you can see there are a lot of options for finishing your full color banner. There is not 1 technique that is chosen over another. The choices depend on the customer and the banner.

We hope that this has helped give you some useful information, so you can make an educated decision about finishing techniques next time you purchase color print banners.

To learn more about custom signs, Ms. Klein invites you to check out, where “Flawless Sign Recipes are Guaranteed.” TheSignChef is constantly developing free-to-use sign design software, custom sign decision-making tools, and How-To videos to make your sign buying experience efficient and your new custom signs effective.

Where to Buy and How to Use Roll-Up, Pull-Up, or Retractable Banner Stands

Question: I am a graphics broker – or as some would say, a “middle-man” – and would like to know where to find wholesale or discounted pricing on retractable banner stands – also known as roll-up banner stands or pull-up banner stands?

Answer: There are a lot of wholesale companies in the US, Canada, and Europe that sell to brokers. We’ve found that most of them are too over-priced for us to be able to add a mark-up and still remain competitive. And there are sites that sell direct at wholesale that make re-selling banner stands difficult as well.

To find a true wholesale broker, and we can’t toot our own horn here, you need to find a wholesaler with direct ties to factories in Asia particularly. Many wholesalers will tell you they do, but the likelihood is relatively slim that they’re in contact with a company in Asia directly, as there are often multiple layers of “middle men” in Asia as well, although if you can get a second tier middle man, you may be able to be competitive.

We have several plants we deal directly with, and a few 2nd tier middle men as well. The reason it is uncommon to deal directly with the manufacturer in many instances is because they require a secondary wholesaler to buffer them from small orders. For instance, some of the plants we deal directly with we won’t even bother if, for instance, we don’t have over a thousand banner stands to quote. However, some of the smaller manufacturers among our affiliates will give us pricing on smaller quantities and it is very competitive with wholesale sellers in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Question: Where are roll-up banners (pull-up banners, retractable banners) used?

Answer: The three names used in the question are identical items and describe a banner that rolls up similar to a pull-down window blind except there is a base and a pole to keep the banner standing up.

As far as what they are used for, or where they are used, there are a lot of places where they can be used. They are used most frequently at trade shows and seminars where a company may attend for a day or two and need a portable graphic or advertisement that can be hauled in a car or a jet to the location or city where the seminar is being put on.

As far as content for the banners, that will depend, of course, on what the presenting company is trying to accomplish with the banner. It may just be their company logo at the entrance of a meeting room in a hotel or convention center alerting attendees that this is the company meeting or seminar they are looking for.

A company may also use one or more at the back of the meeting room where company reps are available to answer questions and the banners may have salient bits of information regarding products or services the company is offering, inviting attendees to learn more about the products or services by asking a rep or grabbing a DVD or brochure.

A pull-up banner could also have the company logo and/or theme on the banner by the podium as well to create brand awareness as the speaker makes a presentation. Let’s say the speaker is promoting an educational course for attorneys designed to make them honest (I know, not likely) and upstanding citizens, he may have one on either side of the podium advertising the company name and slogan, “Attorney Educators: Changing the Face of the Reputation Attorneys Have,” or the like.

Anyway. Retractable banners can also be used to promote sales in retail environments, or along aisle at trade shows, beckoning potential clients to enter the booth to get more information on your company. So there are lots of uses for pull-up/roll-up banners stands. I’m sure you can come up with more than I did.

To check out wholesale pull-up, roll-up, or retractable banners, see this page. For a quick quote, click this.

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

He has been marketing these products online since 1998, and the company he was general manager of in 1998 was the first sign company to be listed on Yahoo!

Barry is a great resource for information regarding Signs, Banners, Decals, and Displays, and is also an outstanding source of information on how to shop online without getting ripped off.

How SunGard Banner and Employee Attendance Software Become Integrated

Many higher education facilities employ SunGard Banner software to manage student enrollment, class scheduling and student records. SunGard software offers fast, real time data entry through a web based interface which significantly cuts back on manual data entry and record keeping. While SunGard Banner software does an excellent job of tracking student information, it doesn’t offer features for tracking campus employee time and attendance. In university and college settings with cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, student workers and other hourly employees, employee attendance tracking can become a time consuming and cumbersome task for human resources and payroll.

There is employee time and attendance tracking software available specifically for higher education institutions using SunGard Banner software. This specialized workforce management software is web based and integrates tightly with SunGard’s main database by importing and exporting employee data in real time.

Campuswide Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Universities and colleges employ many hourly staff across campus to perform a range of duties, from childcare services to technology and computer maintenance. SunGard Banner integrated time and attendance tracking software allows higher education facilities to easily and accurately track attendance of each employee, integrating this data with pay rate, job location and job description. Employees can enter time clock information through a web browser interface on computers, through IP phones or through IP devices. Attendance data, job description and location are automatically uploaded into SunGard Banner’s master database, which can be quickly accessed by human resources and payroll.

Student Worker / Work Study Time Tracking and Job Costing

Tracking job location, job description and pay rates can be especially challenging when it comes to student workers who are working on campus as part of a work study program. Student workers are often employed at multiple locations around campus in different capacities, and different duties are often associated with different pay rates. Tracking student time sheets with all these variables can be time consuming and error prone. By integrating time tracking software into student worker activities, student worker time and attendance, job description, job location and pay scale are automatically recorded. This allows human resources to keep more accurate records of work study positions, which is crucial for federally funded positions.

By integrating attendance software into student worker activities, student worker time and attendance, job description, job location and pay scale are automatically recorded. This allows human resources to keep more accurate records of work study positions, which is crucial for federally funded positions.

Can the Education Nation Movement Finally Reveal the Truth About Card Debt and the Federal Reserve?

If the new Education Nation movement truly succeeds in getting qualified teachers to show people how credit card debt and the Federal Reserve operate then the national debt will begin to dry up, the economy will flourish and newly produced student scientists and inventors can actually start solving Earths’ problems. If they fail, it could mark the end of our Constitution and our nation as we know it.

Some inquisitive Americans are finally waking up to the fact that education is the key to preventing man-made catastrophes such as the present depression we are experiencing which produces a domino effect knocking citizens down one by one as their wealth and dignity are stripped by the rich.

While the Nation waits for an “educational bailout” which will be controlled by the banking lobbyists telling congressional members which way to vote, you might want to pick up your domino and remove yourself immediately from a life of debt slavery by gaining a financial education light years ahead of the pack.

If you are a teacher, you will probably see the question “do you know how the Federal Reserve and card debt work” on a qualification test. If you answer “yes” you will not qualify, be sent to the unemployment lines wearing a dunce cap, so intentionally miss this question or avoid this knowledge altogether.

Now that you have some pros and cons of financial education you’ll have the choice of entering a true age of Enlightenment or you can sit back and wait for the next bailout flying under the education banner to pass billions of dollars up the line with millions in bonuses handed out as usual to those who succeed in getting your money and still suppressing your knowledge!

If you’re ready to search America’s historical knowledge base then Google “the gig is up – money the Federal Reserve and you” before the education bailout top guns force these little pieces of history into oblivion. Be warned your life will never be the same after seeing the gig!

Now that you are educated about the Federal Reserve and plastic money it’s time to cut the umbilical cord to free yourself from the bonds of financial slavery. You’ll find the scalpel you need by searching “FTC debt video” which is a government cartoon version of a 1966 law stating what proof of a debt really means. No proof means nothing owed and you’re free to go!

Debt collectors are simply telemarketers trying to coerce money from you. They can never prove you owe a penny over the phone and written collection notices are your opportunity to demand legal proof that you owe anyone anything. Use the search term “MSN money – debt collector bullies at it again” to see proof that 95% of collectors have absolutely nothing in the way of proof!

If the Education Nation fails to reveal the truth about debt and the Federal Reserve, at least you know how to rid yourself of it, shrink the banking cartels and remove their power. It’s up to every individual to keep our constitutional rights of freedom and the rule of law even if public education fails.

Special Touches That Make Banner Stands Even More Effective

Professionally designed and manufactured trade show exhibits declare to all who see them that a company is successful. Sharp graphics, durable materials, and easy setup and portability all work together to ensure that a company’s marketing message comes across as compelling and convincing, providing ROI on marketing budgets. Companies can make their trade show presence even more compelling by making better use of the space allotted. Among the tools that can improve results are banner stands.

Professionally Designed Banner Stands Add Polish

Professionally designed banner stands do not simply hold up graphics. They showcase your streamlined marketing message, boasting the company name, and attracting qualified prospects. They can be used as stand alone displays or combined with other exhibits to draw attention to your company.

Display Shelving

Companies can incorporate banner stands with shelves that display products and product information. You can use shelving to showcase new technologies, display awards, and give attendees a reason to come in and talk with staff. Shelving adds flexibility and makes better use of limited space, making the overall event more productive.

Mounted Video

Banner stands can be used to mount informative videos, making it easy to introduce new product lines, reinforce the company reputation, or educate qualified prospects. Videos are also great tools for winnowing out attendees who are unlikely to become qualified contacts, making more efficient use of everyone’s time and earning greater marketing ROI.


Interactive workstations are another excellent tool for attracting qualified prospects. Incorporated workstations provide space for clear graphic messages, while inviting attendees to come on in and see what the company has to offer. Workstations can be used to collect valuable contact information and educate potential clients and suppliers, while freeing up staff for one-on-one discussions.


Lighting accessories can focus attention where you want it. Low power LEDs provide directional light without risking the event’s power grid, or a fire. Highly portable, lighting that is designed to work with a variety of portable exhibits, can be used to create a spotlight effect on the ceiling, to attract visitors from the other side of the exhibit hall, or they can focus tightly on the company message, specific products or graphics. Without adequate lighting, a booth will appear dismal and uninviting, potentially costing a company valuable contacts and profitable sales.


Many integrated exhibits include storage that hides personal items away securely. This creates a cleaner, more professional appearance, while keeping staff belongings safe. These storage areas can also be used to hold extra product literature, business cards, and the like.

Create Space

Another useful benefit to uniquely designed banner stands is that they can be rearranged to create different space arrangements. Sometimes, events must switch space assignments, or you may find yourself next to a competitor that needs to be blocked form view. Convenient and adaptable, today’s banner stands are easy to move, set up, and transport. You can even use them to create a quiet space for important, private discussions with staff or potential clients.

To learn more about the various options, layouts, and graphics available with today’s state of the art banner displays, browse the galleries of some of the industry leaders and see how they can add impact and results to your next marketing event.

PVC Banner Marketing – Conventionally Effective

Today, every business is going online – from grocery stores to housecleaning businesses. However, PVC banner marketing is still one of the oldest and most reliable solutions to market your business, irrespective of the size of your business. Even today, when online marketing has taken over from many other marketing methods, banners still find a place in the marketing plan of almost every business. Even large corporations like multinational banks, food chains and retail stores make use of PVC banner marketing. You can see them fixed in any place where they might catch the attention of a passing consumer.

PVC banner marketing is a reliable way of catching the customers’ eye. Fascinating customers and informing them of the benefits of your product is rarely a bad idea. PVC banners have a great reach and they affect masses in a better way than online advertisements. Online advertisements can seem fraudulent and not every online customer trusts them, unless they come from a reliable source. However, banners are a more direct marketing approach for any company. The company itself endorses its products and services through banner marketing.

Banner marketing is cost effective as well. PVC banners are resistant to air and water and they have a longer life than other conventional methods. Usually companies place banners at a place or location a customer is most likely to look. For instance banners are placed at a traffic junction where traffic jams are very likely. At such places, when your car is at halt, you will move your eye to the surroundings and if you happen to see a good deal, you may ultimately decide to follow it up. Traffic junctions, highways and shopping malls are places where you can see banners in abundance.

Nowadays, educational institutes and NGO’s are also making use of banner marketing. Educational institutes, where monetary constraints are high, cannot afford expensive marketing methods, so they choose to stick to conventional methods like banner marketing. Banners make use of different colors, slogans and catchy lines to entice customers. You can even see images of celebrities endorsing brands through these banners.

In summary, PVC banners are a conventionally effective way to market your business. They last a long time, reach out to a huge customer base and cost you less than any other marketing method. You can chose to promote your business through social networking and email marketing techniques but including PVC banner marketing will help you to find the real customers for your business.

Banner Design and Copy Tips

When you create a banner and write copy, you have to ensure that you manage to grab the attention of your market in a matter of seconds only. If your banner design is not really attractive or if your copy is not catchy, then you will never be able to get your potential buyers interested in your products. So, it’s the combination of your design and copy that can either make your banner successful or a total waste of your precious time and money. A professionally designed and effectively written banner can significantly contribute towards the growth of your business.

Banners can be used in several different places. For example, you may visit a portal relevant to your industry where you know that people from your market gather. You can then contact that portal and ask them to display your banner on that site. They will charge you some money, but if it’s a really busy portal, then you will be able to divert a huge number of visitors to your sites and if they are relevant then you will be able to easily increase your sales in a very short period of time. However, relevance is the key here when it comes to advertising on a portal.

When it comes to offline usage of a banner, then you can easily promote your banner through this method as well. A lot of people use this offline marketing technique to educate their market about their existence and products. You never know how many people you are unable to convert into customers just because they don’t know you exist. Hence, using a banner in offline marketing campaigns can turn out to be extremely beneficial for your business. But, then again, it’s the design and copy of your banner that will make your look trustworthy and professional.

When it comes to writing copy for your banner design, then the first advice is not to rush. There are people who take their time when they create the design, but they don’t spend much time when it comes writing. They haphazardly write a few lines and think that it will be good enough. Just as your design is an important element, copy is equally significant. Or, you can even say that your copy is something that actually determines whether your banner will be successful or not. If your copy is weak, then your banner will be weak as well and you will not be able to achieve the desired goals.

Remember, before designing or writing, you have to conduct an effective research. Unless you know your market and the desires of your customers, you can’t come up with an effective design or copy. Your copy will be effective if it can highlight the benefits that your products provide. So, to write benefit-oriented content, you need to first conduct a research and evaluate your market. Only then you should proceed and begin the designing and writing part.

So…These are some powerful tips that will allow you to create your banner design and write your copy in a professional and effective manner.

Sha Amen is an expert writer in the field of graphic designing and loves to write about Custom Logo Design and Banner Design to educate the masses.